World Raott’s Biggest Treasure Hunt


How to Play

* To become a Full Member and unlock deals, you must invite a friend (who has not yet joined World Raotts) to earn and enjoy World Raotts with you within 7 days of signing up. As a Guest User, you will have an invite code in your account. Your friend has to use this invite code to register. Once they register successfully using your invite code, you become a Full Member and your friend will start their World Raott journey as a Guest User.

World Raotts works on the principle of building your correct coin combination by actively exchanging unused coins with your friends and other Raott users.

When you migrate from a Guest User to a Full Member, you will lose all your earned World Raott Coins and your account will be reset to zero balance. Therefore, it’s best if you become a Full Member at the earliest.


Benefits Guest User Full Member*
Earn World Raott Coins Yes Yes
Transfer and Receive World Raott Coins No Yes, only to and from other Full Members
Buy deals with World Raott Coins No Yes
Spend World Raott Coins No Yes

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